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Saint Bernard's Salt Cave

Dear Guests,
besides the Beer spa Bernard we also welcome you to visit our unique Salt Cave. Aside from a wide range of well-known health beneficial properties the Saint Bernard's Salt Cave brings also benefit called Halotherapy.

Therapy, that overcomes microbial and tumor resistance and eliminates the side effects of drug therapy. Halotherapy through its mechanism of action is currently the only existing method that is able to efficiently cleanse the whole system of the respiratory tract from pathogenic organisms, allergens, deposits from smog and fine dust which are common characteristics of developed industrial areas. Recent scientific findings clearly show that the most effective Halotherapy application is a combination of Rock salt - Halite and salt from the Dead Sea.

 - Asthma  - Pus stones  - Mucous membrane swelling
 - Chronic bronchitis  - Flu  - Sinusitis
 - Respiratory upper airway blockage  - Pneumonia  - Rhinitis and Respiratory allergy
 - Bronchiectatis  - Smoker's cough  - Inflammation of the throat
 - Shortness of breath  - Tonsillitis  - Upper respiratory tract infections
 - Cough  - Dyspnea  
 - Long lasting dry cough
 - Airway obstruction
 - Difficult expectoration of viscous phlegm
 - Air pollutants allergy and household chemicals allergy
 - Abnormal breath sounds (especially low) with pathological changes during auscultation of the respiratory system

This properties of Salt Cave have beneficial effects on the immune system, energy, mood and health both adults and children. Your health improvement will be noticeable after just a few sessions.

 - Dermatitis, psoriasis  - Dermal deceases
 - Cellulite  - Nervous system problems
 - Cystic fibrosis  - Cardiovascular deceases

Unique treatments using a combination of Dead Sea salt, iodine-bromide salt from Poland, salt water (brine) from Luhačovice and Beer salt Bernard with significant preventive and regenerative effects.

How Does It Work in our Salt Cave?

The temperature in the cave ranges between 18-22 °C. There is no need to bring anything along when visiting the Salt Cave. Comfortable clothing is recommended for the halotherapy treatment. There is no age limit for Salt Therapy. All age categories of children and adults can enter the Salt Cave.

You can notice positive changes in your health condition and mood after only a few sessions. One hour stay in Salt Cave with  Dead Sea salt is comparable to two or three- day stay at the sea. A unique and inimitable Salt Cave microclimate distinguished by its high bacteriological purity, is formed naturally, through the convective diffusion from the salt walls, and combined with the controlled temperature, sufficient humidity, heavily saturated with micro and macro elements and negatively ionized air.

Aside from high negative ion content, which is very important for human health, the air is also over-saturated with iodide, calcium, magnesium, sodium, bromine and compounds of other elements crucial for the human body to function correctly.

What makes us different and Why Choose Us?

  • At the booking time you rent the whole space of the Salt Cave, not a single deck chair.
  • Free entry for children under 10 years of age (adult supervision is required). For children we have toys to play with during their salt therapy session.
  • Shortest stay lasts 60 minutes instead of the usual 45 minutes.
  • In order to make your visit more pleasant and help you not get bored or feel cold we will provide you with heated massage chairs Zero gravity

Visiting Rules

  • It is forbidden to touch the salt walls and carry the salt away from cave.
  • It is forbidden to smoke, use the open fire or in any way pollute the room.
  • Entrance to salt cave is at your own risk.
  • Children under 12 years are allowed to enter the cave only accompanied by an adult.
  • People with thyroid hyperfunction, cancer, acute inflammatory conditions, tuberculosis or with other severe dissease must consult their doctor before visiting Salt Cave.
  • Salt Cave is scanned by camera

The Salt Cave are not allowed to enter:

  • Persons under the influence of alcohol or any narcotic drug or intoxicant of whatsoever nature.
  • Persons with state of health, which does not allow the use of Salt Cave.
  • Persons with infectious decease or acute tuberculosis.
  • Persons with any acute decease associated with fever or symptoms of a viral infection (runny nose, cough and etc.)
  • Animals

Relax always dressed, remove only outwear (coat, jacket, cardigan etc. ) trousers and skirts remain dressed. In case you are feeling cold, please use the blanket. Reduced temperature is necessary for correct salt evaporation. Please do not mix Dead Sea salt with rock or beer salt.

Our staff will play a relaxing music while you rest. Zero Gravity massage chairs are controled only by staff. Please do not turn on your chairs or change the program during massage. Our staff will be happy to advice and provide all service for you.

How often should one visit the Salt Cave?

  • We recommend 10-15 visits at least twice a week (2 treatments per week)
  • The first week you should visit a Salt cave least 3 times in order to initiate healing process, in the coming weeks it is recommended to visit the Salt cave at least 2 times a week.

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