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Reservation - Karoliny Světlé 20, 110 00 Prague 1

Date: 23.9.2019  /  17:00

Telephone (for ex.: +420 123 456 789)
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Procedure - 1 person
Beer Bath Bernard - 2590 CZK

Procedure - 2 people
Beer Bath Bernard - 2590 CZK
Beer Bath Bernard LUX (each in own tub) - 3190 CZK

Procedure - 3-4 people
Beer Bath Bernard - 3990 CZK

Do you have an anniversary, birthday or special occasion?
Champagne beer with firework (photo) - 390 CZK

Additional refreshment

For individual reservations, recommended amount is 1 refreshment for 2 people.

  Pickled cheese 200g, Bio quality, bread - 249 CZK/pcs
  Homemade pickled sausage with onion 3pcs, bio quality, bread - 249 CZK/pcs
  Homemade traditional greaves spread 180ml, bread - 249 CZK/pcs
  Csabai sausages 200g, home-bread, pickles - 249 CZK/pcs

  Beer bath oil 250ml - 450 CZK/pcs
  Beer Shower gel 250g - 450 CZK/pcs
  Beer shampoo 250ml - 450 CZK/pcs
  Beer bath foam 250ml - 450 CZK/pcs
  Beer bath salt 300g - 450 CZK/pcs
  Beer shampoo + Beer shower gel - 2x 100ml - 690 CZK/pcs
  Beer bath oil + Beer bath foam - 2x 100ml - 690 CZK/pcs

On the spot
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Reservation Guarantee
If you wish to pay on the spot, we require credit card number as guarantee of your reservation. We will NOT charge any amount from your card, just in the case of late cancellatio (less then 24 hours prior the procedure) or you not show up at all. Your procedure can be paid on the spot in cash or with credit card. Thank you for your understanding.

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For questions or assistance with reservations, please contact us

Beer spa Bernard in the center of Prague

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