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To enhance your experience and for greater convenience we offer original refreshment.

Additional refreshment

Pickled cheese 200g, Bio quality, bread *)249 CZK
Homemade pickled sausage with onion 3pcs, bio quality, bread *)249 CZK
Homemade traditional greaves spread 180ml, bread *)249 CZK
Csabai sausages 200g, home-bread, pickles *)249 CZK
20 pcs of sausages (500g), bread, pickles790 CZK
40 pcs of sausages (1000g), bread, pickles1290 CZK
60 pcs of sausages (1500g), bread, pickles1790 CZK
80 pcs of sausages (2000g), bread, pickles2190 CZK

*) We recommend to order more than 5 pieces per group or combine more items.

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