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Price list of Beer Spa Prague 1

Workshop Týn 644/10, Prague 1

Procedure Persons Massage Price
Beer bath (in 1 beer bathtub) 1-2 2590 CZK
Extended beer bath (in 1 beer bathtub) 1-2 3390 CZK
Beer bath LUX (in 2 beer bathtubs) 2 3190 CZK
Extended beer bath LUX (in 2 bathtubs) 2 4190 CZK
Beer bath (in 2 beer bathtubs) 3-4 3990 CZK
Exclusive use of
Beer Spa Bernard
1-2 persons 2 persons 3-4 persons
1 beer bathtub 2 beer bathtubs 2 beer bathtubs
Traditional beer pearl bath - 30 min.
Unlimited consumption of Beer Bernard
Massage to your choice - 20 minutes each
Relax in heated bed - 30 minutes
Original souvenir for everybody
Memorable ePhoto
PRICES for whole treatment
(not per person)

Standard beer bath includes:

1. Traditional Beer pearl bath (30 minutes)
2. Unlimited consumption of beer Bernard
3. Relax in heated bed to enhance the effect from beer bath (30 minutes)
4. Original souvenir for everyone
5. Memory ePhoto from your Beer Spa Bernard treatment

Extended beer bath includes also:

6. Releasing and relaxing massage from massage therapist (20 minutes). There is one massage therapist available during the beer treatment.

Additional refreshment (Csabai sausages, bread, pickles)

  8 pcs (200g), bread, pickles http://www.pivnilaznebernard.cz/grafika/obcer.png 249 CZK
12 pcs (300g), bread, pickles 390 CZK
20 pcs (500g), bread, pickles 549 CZK
32 pcs (800g), bread, pickles 790 CZK


For your loved ones you can buy for Christmas, birthday or other events some of the Beer Spa Bernard vouchers. Voucher is valid 6 months from the purchase. It´s also suitable for romantic relax.

More informations about the gift certificates

Romantic accommodation in Beer Spa with procedure

Beer spa is located in the historical part of Prague 1. Accommodation is located in the historic 4* hotel by the Spa. If you order our Beer Spa treatment, we provide a discount up to 40% on accommodation in our hotels in close proximity to the spa in following package rates. Prices are for double room for 1-2 persons, Beer Bath procedure, rich breakfast buffet, WiFi internet, VAT and all fees. In case of accommodation of 4 persons, we provide; 2 bedrooms apartment, Beer Bath procedure, rich breakfast buffet, WiFi internet. VAT and all fees included.

Package1 person2 people4 people6 people
Royal Residence Ungelt Prague 1 ****4760 CZK 5550 CZK 8490 CZK
Hotel Metamorphis Excellent Prague 1 *****5590 CZK 6150 CZK
Hotel Metamorphis Prague 1 ****4990 CZK 5850 CZK
Hotel Prague Centre Plaza Praha 2 ***+ (mid season)4150 CZK 4300 CZK 7100 CZK 10150 CZK
Hotel Prague Centre Plaza Praha 2 ***+ (low season)3990 CZK 4150 CZK 6950 CZK 9990 CZK
Hotel Prague Centre Plaza Praha 2 ***+ (high season)4550 CZK 4700 CZK 7500 CZK 10550 CZK


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