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The Beer Spa

beer spaBeer spas first became popular in the Middle Ages. The ancient, unique therapy uses hops, yeast, and other natural ingredients to create one of a kind recipes that mimic Beer Bernard. No wonder beer baths have so many health benefits!

The main difference is that barley isn’t added to the beer bath, to eliminate the possibility of allergic reactions. The beer spa experience also includes unlimited drinks of unpasteurized beer Bernard® throughout the entire time.  The combination will leave you feeling revitalized as well as healthy and relaxed.

What makes beer Bernard® different from the others?

Beer Bernard® is produced using traditional techniques from the best Czech hops. The quality, taste and aroma are perfectly preserved because it’s never pasteurized.
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Experience Beer Spa Prague Bernard

Relaxation proceduresThe beer spa experience consists of two parts. First patrons soak in a private Beer Bath for two while drinking UNLIMITED beer Bernard. Then they’re invited to relax and of course enjoy more beer. The experience takes about one hour all together. Those that opt for beer massages as part of their package should expect to spend an hour and half at the spa.

Beer Bath

Beer baths are a proven medical procedure from the Middle Ages, known to cleanse the pores, increase pulmonary circulation, regenerate skin and hair and revitalize the nervous system. It’s necessary to keep the correct temperature, time of the bath, and right dosage of ingredients to ensure maximum health benefits. The bathing experience takes place in special tubs designed for the Beer Spa. This allows bathers to experience the greatest absorption of healing properties.

For the best results, bathers shouldn’t shower within 12 hours of the experience. It’s recommended that those with healthy immune systems repeat the procedure once a month, if not more often.

Original Beer Spa Souvenir

Every visitor gets an original bottle of Beer Bernard® with the historical seal and certificate of completion.

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