“We treat your body from inside and outside“
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About Beer

about beer It wasn’t uncommon to find the pubs of long ago with posters and ads covering the walls that said things like, “Beer does a body good” or “Beer for better health.” So it’s no surprise that beer spas have survived through the ages.

What makes Bernard Beer different from others?

Beer Bernard®, used in our Beer Spa is made the traditional way with top quality Czech hops. Because the beer isn’t pasteurized, the quality, taste and aroma are preserved.

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History of Brewing and Malt

The history of brewing reaches back to ancient times. Sumerians were the first to discover fermentation. Egyptian writings record beer being used as cleansing treatments for both skin and hair. The trend continued into the Middle Ages with the event of beer spas. Today, the spas remain popular due to many social and health benefits.

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History of Beer Spas

History of brewing and beer spas dates back many centuries, to the discovery of beer, in the 7th century BC.

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